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Welcome to the place where love stories dance around heartstrings and get whisked away to dreamy destination weddings.

Love, ah, it's the stuff that makes life worth living! And we're here to capture all those heartwarming moments, freezing them in time with our camera magic. Whether you're a blast from the past or a modern day maverick, our mission is to celebrate your roots and your future! So, let's capture some love and make it last!

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sasha & hubert

Athens Riviera

The swanky invite, the air of elegance, dressing to the nines... a black-tie wedding comes with everything a glitz and glam-loving soul can covet, but as it turns out, true sophistication lies beyond the surface! This Island Art & Taste dream ticked all of the right boxes! 

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hannah & collins

Organic Luxe
Venetsanos Santorini

This insanely pretty Santorini Wedding at Venetsanos winery is intrepid views and organic Luxe dreams!

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eva & yiannis

alexa & jonathan

3 Days Wedding Celebrations

3 Days Wedding Celebrations

eleni & edward

Classic elegance Anassa Cyprus

Where mediterranean opulence meets wedding goals, this uber-chic Anassa resort wedding in Cyprus is just what you’ve been looking for!

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rebecca & ravi

ayesha & asad

2 Days Wedding Celebrations

3 Days Wedding Celebrations


Sleek Nigerian Wedding in Athens Riviera

A totally glam Nigerian wedding on Athens Riviera with 400 guests and one of the best-dressed group of wedding guests

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We can't wait to hear all about your passions, daydreams, and the big plans you have in store! Give us a ring or drop us a line and let's get this ah-mazing ball rolling!

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Celebrating Love by spreading it. Instant serotonin from weddings we adore. That feeling when a groom can't believe his eyes. Moodboard material because P.O.V., and moments too pure for words. 

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