life is long. but

That is our lesson in lasting. Go wild. Go rampant!
That is our prompt for celebrating. As wedding photographers and art directors, we stand where the two meet; That is our perfect angle!

Hello there! We are Sandy and Odysseas. Partners in life and Wedding Photography. We found each other back when white tees and slip-dresses were an item, and we've been each other's all that ever since. 

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We don't take photographs to stop moments but to clarify them; your best lives lived around and inside each image. 

Summer lovin' has us a blast. Intriguing is definitely a cut above the pretty, and wonderwall romance is our motherlode for the most wholesome stories. 

It's S/S - the wedding season engines are all revved up and we are set in gear! One day it's Piaggio Apes across rolling hills, the other it's an Iseo slicing the waves. Boarding passes are the extensions of our arms when the cameras aren't, and we're thrilled! It's so cool to be invited into people's lives and finally getting to meet them all in person. The laughs, the fits, the energy... Immaculate!

We F/W in a spirit-lifting cottage, walking our boi (do NOT leave your shoes at the door), living out free-wheeling days, playing dominoes, or having our friends over for vino. When it's shooting star season, we put blankets on and gaze up the skies. But winter is not all cocooning for us. It's also the time we deliver, and get the next season's Zoom calls cracking! 

the angle

Jazz-hands if you and us are already jiving! Let's keep the beat going! What's next?

Hold up! Before we snap your most epic moments, there's something you need to know about us. We're not just about capturing the perfect shot, but also about being there to hear your wildest dreams!

how it


Shoot us a message through our form and spill the beans on your grand schemes! The more details, the merrier! Let's get things popping! We'll be on it like a pouncing tiger and reply within a lightning-fast 24 hours!

we then


Slow down, tell us all about your grander loves, your charming quirks, and the snapshots that make your heart flutter. Is there a specific gallery or photo on our site that you absolutely must have? Don't be shy, ask us anything! When, where, how, or why, we're all ears.

do we get to


If we still need to have the pleasure of snapping your engagement pics, don't stress! We'll be sure to dish out all the juicy details about your destination during our Zoom calls. And hey, let's remember the big day - we'll grab a day before to chit-chat and work our magic, finding all the hidden gems and secret spots for your perfect shots!

can we have


You betcha! As soon as you book, our wedding photography guidebook will be jetting its way over to you! We'll spill all the secrets we've gathered from top wedding planners worldwide, complete with sizzling how-to's and why-to's. You won't want to miss this!

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