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3-Days Wedding Celebrations in Antiparos

Our couples love strides beyond the oceans. It sparkled in Saint Tropez, continued in Paris, got serious in Mexico, became official in Zurich, and was celebrated in Antiparos!

Alex and Max are two of the most beautiful and genuine people we’ve met, and their 3-days wedding in Antiparos is the kind that makes a wedding photographer, guest or bystander dream for days. Their love strides beyond the oceans. As Alex’s best friend put it, it sparkled in Saint Tropez, continued in Paris, got serious in Mexico, became official in Zurich, and was celebrated in Antiparos. What could possibly come next? As their wedding photographers, we have to tell you it was certainly signature! With their people traveling from Mexico, China, Dżakarta, and the South of France to join they were greeted with a pack of surprises.

One: Watermelion slices, endless diving and cruising in the sunset.  Two: Their pre-wedding Mexican Fiesta. Three: Their colorful wedding day.

What did the couple gift their guests with? Well that would have to be the immensely talented DePlanV who staged an epic bash brimming with colorful papel picado banners, an utter feast for the senses, and the coolest vibes we’ve ever collected. What’s more, when Max announced that Alex was carrying the merry party boomed with huzzahs! We couldn’t help but get goosebumps the next day upon hearing the beautiful couple exchange their vows, how their family spoke about each of them and … we saved the best for last: Maxime’s father’s inspiring speech about Love that really played on our heartstrings.

Want to know why? Here it is:
"Did you know that the ancient Greeks had 6 words for Love: the first one that I’d like to mention is Eros, or sexual passion -I don’t think I’m going to go any further on that. The second one is Philia, or deep friendship – this is very important. The third one is Ludus, or playful love- nothing better than chirping and winking and having fun with it. The fourth one : Agape or love for everyone- so nice to love and be loved by all. Pragma, or longstanding love- this all about making compromises to help the relationship overtime. And then please forgive my Greek but here it goes: Philautia- everyone know how to pronounce that right? Okay… Philautia, or love of the self. There are two types: one is the unhealthy variety associated with narcisism where you become self obsessed and focused on fame and fortune. The healthier version entails your wider capacity to love, the idea of self, that if you like yourself and are happy, you will have plenty of love to give to others."

Alexandra & Maxime


EVENT PLANNING AND DESIGN: Deplanv | WEDDING VENUE: Sunset Deseo | VIDEOGRAPHER: Jim Grillas | RENTALS: Alibrantis & Zazoo | LIGHTING, ENTERTAINMENT & PHOTO BOOTH: Boogaloo | WEDDING DRESS: Rime Arodaky | BRIDESMAID DRESSES: Lowellita | HMUA: Christos Michailidis | GROOM & HIS MEN: Ralph Lauren

“With their people traveling from Mexico, China, Dżakarta, and the South of France to join

they were greeted with a pack of surprises!”

Fashion Designer Alexandra Lowell & Maxim Tallet Throw The Most Incredible Mexican Fiesta Pre-Wedding In Antiparos Island, Greece

He guac-s her world! She is his taco! They had no time for siesta-they were getting wed and it was time for a Mexican fiesta! This luxury Mexican fiesta pre-wedding party in Antiparos island will set you in the mood for summer wedding parties for good!

What would you expect to witness at a Luxury Mexican Fiesta Pre-Wedding Party in Antiparos? Colorful papel picado? A sea of cacti and succulents? Gorgeous Otomi embroidery and Tengangos? Well, gorgeous bride-to-be, Alexandra Lowell of the Lowelitta brand sided with the top-awarded Greece wedding designer DePlanV to craft her the pre-wedding decor that would tap on her culture and heritage as a proud Latina, and one that would surely make Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera mad with envy.

Holy Moly Guacamole! A fair reaction to this color-fest Antiparos pre-wedding decor! From the raffia Piñatas to the colorful flora (and fauna), the vibrant straw art, and paper lanterns, the photo-booths, the Cinco de Mayo sugar skulls, as well as the eclectic mix of welcome gifts, Alex and Maxim had thought of everything.
And if you want to nail those perfectly evoking Mexican-fiesta vibes in your pre-wedding dress, how about emulating Alex’s huipiles and Otomi gown paired with the cutest Lowelitta cactus heel pumps and red hot lipstick! Oh, the dash!

What a spectacular time we had capturing the pretty around us, the laughs, the party, the wonderful energy this couple and their loved ones had! The hours melted into one of the prettiest lilac sundowns giving way to magical festivities all designed to bring the wow factor. And, as our couple’s Instagram hashtag went, it was all a Luxury Mexican Fiesta Pre-Wedding Party in Antiparos… #alextothemax !

Alexandra & Maxime



Antiparos Pre-Wedding Private Cruise For Lowelitta's Alexandra Lowell & Maxim Tallet

This fashion-celeb duo threw the most welcoming Greek island cruise to kickstart their destination wedding festivities – read on to discover how to throw an incredible pre-wedding in Greece in 5 easy steps!

What happens when a fashion designer bride-to-be and her beau welcome their guests to their destination wedding in Greece? The answer lies within a fun-filled sailboat cruise in Antiparos for the most exciting days of their lives! We mean… private powder-sand beaches and turquoise water dives, sea-cave explorations, and splashes in style, cookout souvlaki, cold beer, and watermelon slices, barefoot luxury, and salt in their hair! Are you a bit jealous? Scroll down to view some fantastic shots from this Antiparos pre-wedding event, and read how you can emulate this incredible experience into your Greek island destination wedding!

Step 1 – Do a bit of homework! – There are over SIX THOUSAND islands in Greece (with the biggest one ranging from 3,260 sq mi – we’re off course talking about the fifth largest island in the Mediterranean, Crete- and the smallest one, Halki west of Rhodes only 6 sq mi) all sprinkled with rare beauty and crystal clear waters the shades of deep velvet blue, azure, cerulean, and aquamarine. Their beaches? Some black (Hello Santorini), others lunar (we see you Milos), and even … pink (Elafonissos, Crete we love you)! Antiparos and Paros in the Cyclades, where Alex and Maxim said I do, are definitely among the prettiest, with coves so breathtaking and secret caves so intriguing they can make a spectacular experience for your wedding guests.

Step 2 – Check with the experts! – This is where hiring a local wedding photographer and wedding planner who is already closely familiar with the islands of your choice will come in even handier. You see, it’s not only about designing the decor of your destination wedding Greece or snapping the perfect Greek island wedding photography. It’s also about how deeply they understand your faves, your style, your loves, where you wish to go, and how to capture you at your most candid and most beautiful according to the light in these areas. As Paros wedding photographers, we’ve documented thousands of incredible moments like Alex and Maxim’s, so we were already in the know when they contacted us.

Alexandra & Maxime

Step 3 - Ask your experts for extra tips! – Not all experiences can be made possible in all locations. We’re not saying that to deter you, of course, instead to inform. Some island beaches may even encourage cookouts and (curated)fire pits, while others also offer private chefs to do that for you. Your experts will also tip you in on regulations about what should happen if you decide to indulge your guests in a sea-cave canoe experience; how you can be photographed best during a specific time of day; on the distances you will need to cover, or the nearby secret locations that are only known to the experienced ones. For instance, this virgin beach you see in Alex and Maxim’s images was allowed access with special permission obtained by the couple’s wedding planners DePlanV.

Step 4 - Decide how you want to treat your guests! – Alex and Maxim are lovers of everything Greek and traditional, and there’s nothing more traditionally cliche – but utterly yum- than freshly grilled souvlaki with grilled bread and tomato salad for lunch, ice-cold Greek beer for drinks, and sea-dipped-to-cool watermelon slices for dessert! The combo is simple, albeit so heavenly; our beloved couple just had to have a go! Having gifted their friends with raffia hats, towels, sunscreen, flip-flops, and pareos, all curated in Lowelitta’s perfect style; they ensured nobody was without protection under the hot Greek sun!

Step 5 – LET THE WORLD BEHIND YOU AND DIVE INTO GREECE DESTINATION pre-WEDDING BLISS !!! – We seriously mean it! These days are ALL about having fun, vacaying, indulging, laughing, loving, and going all out! We love nothing more than a couple who knows how to live life to the MAX (one of Alex’s mottos as it happens to be her husband’s name too) and forgets there are even photographers documenting. This celeb duo may already be familiar with having their pictures taken. Still, as they confessed, we also made it super-easy for them to forget about posing and living it fully! Remember that to look fabulous in every shot, half of the success comes when you feel fab with what is going on, and (camera shutter sound) MAGIC happens!

Need more insights on your Greece destination pre-wedding photography? We’re here for you! Direct message us, and we’ll schedule a complimentary consultation just for you!

Alexandra & Maxime



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