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Straight from the horse’s mouth: The case of “La Foce”, a luxury wedding venue in Tuscany.



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Hold the phone, lovebirds, because you’re up for the ultimate wedding dreamland. Ta-da! It’s La Foce, a villa boasting enchanting gardens that’ll make your heart flutter. But wait, there’s more! The crown jewel of this wonderland is a Nymphaeum complete with the prettiest grotto and a hidden fountain. We mean, can you even picture saying “I do” to your soulmate right here? Say yes, and let us share some of its secrets with you! 

La Foce history

Imagine a 15th-century adventurer on their way to Rome, strolling along the Via Francigena and seeking shelter at a humble hostel near Chianciano Terme. The hostel, run by the Siena Hospital and Monastery of Santa Maria della Scala, would have been a basic rest stop amidst the not-so-lush clay hills of Tuscany. However, if that same explorer were to return today, they would be in for a shock – the hostel and surrounding countryside have been magically transformed, thanks to the Origo family’s vision. Once abandoned and impoverished, the property, known as La Foce, was purchased by Antonio and Iris Origo in the 1920s, and they began a remarkable transformation. Now, La Foce is one of the most breathtaking estates and gardens in all of Tuscany.

The Property

Antonio, an Italian gentleman, and his wife Iris, a young American-Irish heiress, must have seemed like they’d lost their marbles to everyone they knew. The property they bought was a hot mess, with shoddy houses and fields that looked like they’d seen better days. But, the couple had a grand vision. Between 1924 and 1939, they rolled up their sleeves and brought the estate back to life. They renovated the main house into a cozy family home, and the barren fields were transformed into lush, fertile land. They even went above and beyond by building homes for the workers, a school, a clinic, and a “dopolavoro” (which meant “after work” in Italian) for the workers to chill out. Their level of social responsibility was truly one of a kind for the time.

As the estate grew, they added farms, olive groves, and woodlands. But then, Iris Origo took things up another notch by creating a garden. And we’re not talking about a few potted plants or a small patch of greenery, oh no. She hired Cecil Pinset, an English architect, to design an elegant garden that blended Italian and English styles, with breathtaking views of the countryside. A century later, the garden still looks like it was made yesterday.

Villa’s Garden

Behold the garden of La Foce, where nature meets art in a symphony of color and form! The garden boasts an impressive collection of formal greenery, with hedges that stand tall and proud, stone walls that exude timeless elegance, and flower beds that burst with vibrant hues. As if that were not enough, a magical hillside awaits, replete with terraces that beckon you to explore. A sweet wisteria arbor offers shade, while fragrant lavender beds provide a feast for the senses. And don’t get us started on the breathtaking views! The garden’s crown jewel is the winding road, flanked by stately cypress trees, that has graced countless photos. You won’t find a more stunning viewpoint in all of Tuscany!

Will La Foce (The Mouth) make all your whimsical garden and history wedding dreams come true? It’s a resounding yes!!! Not only will you get the opportunity to throw the most incredible wedding celebration, but get some real good taste of the Sienese cuisine! The stunning estate is also home to the famous Dopolavoro restaurant, which whips up delicious meals with produce and olive oil grown right on the estate and will certainly come in handy to feed all these hangry souls at your Tuscany wedding. 

This year we’re heading back for the most luxurious La Foce weddings so stay in the loop for the scoop (hey, it rhymes!)

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