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Italy’s Hottest Wedding Destinations Part #1 – Lake Como Venues



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Hello there dreamers and doers! We’ve been such busy bees lately, our entire days spent editing and Zoom calling our 2024 and 2025 couples. Who has the time to get blogging right? Nope, that’s definitely not us. And since this season and the next we’ll be consuming tons (honestly) of gelato…. we thought of taking some time to give you a generous scoop (pun, oh-so intended) from la bella Italia. So… Get ready to read about where to say “I do” in Italy – we’re talking about some sizzling wedding venues in Lake Como here! 


Oh, the fickle finger of wedding fashion has pointed at many a destination, making them hot one minute and not the next. But, there’s one place that’s been a timeless beauty, shining like a diamond in Italy’s crown. Let’s hear it for the enchanting Lake Como! This lyrical playground has been tempting lovers for ages, and it’s not showing any signs of slowing down. 


Immerse yourself in the magic of Grand Hotel Tremezzo, where the terrace is jam-packed with people busting moves at a wedding party. The energy is electric, high heels clicking and spinning on the sparkling floor. The staff apologizes for the commotion and blaring music with guilty grins, but as they whisk around scrumptious saffron risotto, nobody bats an eye. Who could complain when you’re having this much fun?


Then take the magnificent Villa del Balbianello, where cinema and romance collide! This 18th-century gem is nestled on the edge of the Dosso d’Avedo, overlooking the serene Lake Como. It has graced the silver screen in several blockbusters, from the lush holm oaks to the enchanting vine-covered arches, making appearances in flicks like Casino Royale, A Month by the Lake, and even Star Wars: Episode II Attack of the Clones. For all you movie buffs and garden lovers, this venue is pure magic and the perfect spot to say “I do.”


Shall we talk about the lavish Villa d’ Este? a hotel haven since the 1800s, charming Victorian-era visitors and modern travelers alike! The moment you pull up, valets whisk away your ride while you’re led through grand hallways adorned with sculptures and portraits. You’ll be shown to your room, where high windows let in natural light and silver pedestals overflow with fresh fruit. Every room has its own unique style, decked out with antique furnishings that’ll make you feel like royalty.

And once you’ve freshened up, it’s time to step out in style – the guests here always dress to impress, especially in the afternoon when it’s time to explore the stunning surroundings. Villa d’ Este weddings are not a dream. But a dream within it! 


Oh the grandeur of Aldo Gucci’s home sweet home! We’re talking about The House of Gucci, of course. Now let your imagination caption a 16th-century palace, lush gardens, and walls bedecked with ornate frescoes and gilded interiors.The furniture in this place is a real gem, sourced from high-end auction houses like Sotheby’s and Christies.

But, that’s not all: centuries-old painted frescos by the likes of the Baroque masters, Recchi brothers and Agostino Silva, are still on display.You’d think that can only be a movie set, right? But hold on tight, it’s not a mirage! You might even recognize it as the magnificent Villa Balbiano, a true icon on Lake Como, and one of the most sought after wedding venues. Decadence is the word! 


Once upon a time, nestled on the headland of Cernobbio’s gulf was the regal Villa Pizzo, standing proud as one of the oldest noble houses in the land of Lake Como. Privately owned by the Volpi-Bassani family, this villa has welcomed many bigwigs over the years, including the legendary Alessandro Volta. With its graceful charm and breathtaking views of Lake Como, Villa Pizzo stands tall beside Villa d’Este, making it the perfect spot for a luxury wedding. Who said I do here? A legend. John Legend! The ambiance here? Also legendary! We’d say “epic” but… heck yes, puns! 


Picture this: a breathtaking 19th-century villa built by a big shot in the pharmaceutical business, Luigi Erba. After his daughter, Carla, inherited the property, it became a hot spot for her family, including her son Luchino Visconti. Fast forward a few decades, and Villa Erba was snatched up by a public company to showcase grand expositions. It even made an appearance on the big screen in “Ocean’s Twelve” and was the perfect setting for Gwen Stefani’s music video “Cool”. And just recently, Dior unveiled their Couture Garden collection here! Talk about being in good company. Now, imagine walking down the same halls once graced by fashion icon Coco Chanel herself, who was known to frequent this heavenly abode. So, if you’re thinking of tying the knot at Villa Erba, why not make it a couture affair and channel your inner Coco?

Had enough of Como? Probably not. But we’d probably need a whole tome to pinpoint our faves Lake Como venues ! Stay tuned for more Italian allure in upcoming posts as next we’re headed South… too da loo! If you’re planning a wedding at Lake Como contact us to create magic together!

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