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Wedding reception guests at Berenice Villa Antiparos
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2024 Destination Wedding Trends you’re going to Love



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Destination weddings never really left, right? Well, in 2024, they’re back with a bang, flaunting their fabulousness and total joy. We sat down with top-notch experts: travel gurus, hip wedding vendors, and about-to-be-weds, to get the scoop on what will be making the 2024 destination wedding trends! Whether you’re after eco-friendliness, unique style, heartfelt values, or impeccable service, read all about putting a fresh spin on old favorites, discover new and exciting ways to tie the knot, and get ready to be swept off your feet!


Picture this: You and your wedding crew cozied up under a starry night sky, with a mystical reader guiding you through a cosmic journey while you devour gooey s’mores and warm hot chocolate or boozy cocktails. 

Or, imagine your guests shaking off their hangovers with a splash of sea salt and sunlight while they snorkel away at a farewell sail. These are some unforgettable experiences you can plan for your wedding week. Gone are the days of boring dress codes and cookie-cutter parties. Instead, it’s all about soaking up the good vibes and living in the moment with your nearest and dearest. 


Destination weddings are like a party on steroids! We’ve all heard of hangover kits and swanky gifting suites, but now, the 2024 destination wedding trend is all about spoiling your guests rotten with evening turn-down treats and room surprises. 

Since most guests stay at the wedding venue or nearby resorts, couples are upping their game with evening amenities. Picture this: You’ve partied hard all day, and at night, you come back to your room to find a thoughtful gift waiting for you on your bed. 

Think a locavore of artisanal sweets, coffee beans, teas, and delectable native made soaps (our faves for Greece are Olive Era) that will make their hearts sing. It’s like a warm hug from your loved ones and a reminder that they care. Who wouldn’t want to feel extra special after a day of wedding fun?


The ultimate 2024 destination wedding trends that’s here to stay? Sustainability! Luckily, destination weddings are already ahead of the game, with eco-friendly options galore. Couples and event planners are ditching the wasteful ways of the past, and opting for locally sourced blooms, reusable decor, and other planet-friendly choices. Did you know that traditional confetti is a no-go in Santorini, Greece? It’s because those pesky plastic particles end up in the vines! Instead, natural confetti, like flower petals is encouraged, giving back to Mother Nature in the sweetest way possible.


It’s all about setting the vibe for your big day with dress codes that are more than just words on paper. We’re talking mood boards, baby! With so many events packed into destination weddings, it’s time to give your guests some direction so they can slay the fashion game without any awkward moments. 

Whether it’s a chic black-tie affair, or a laid-back garden party, couples are getting extra creative with their dress codes. Think “Dolce & Gabbana print” vibes for your Amalfi Coast welcome party, or maybe something Mediterranean and punchy for your Anassa Resort wedding ceremony. Tickle your guests’ fashion cells and let the good fash roll!


Move over bland and boring wedding themes, the newest trend is all about vibrant bursts of color! Lovebirds are ditching the neutral schemes and going all out with eye-catching hues that pay tribute to local palettes and cultures. Whether it’s a domestic or international affair, pops of bold colors are stealing the show, and enhancing the overall wedding vibe. So go ahead, paint the town red – and yellow and blue and green!


While jetting away to a romantic honeymoon right after the big day is still the norm for many couples, some are shaking things up! Instead of back-to-back celebrations, they’re opting for a “minimoon” first and saving the big “mega moon” for later. So, after saying “I do” in a gorgeous destination like Amanzoe Greece, they might chill around the magical resort for a few days before heading back home. 

Or, they might ditch their passports and escape to a nearby domestic paradise for some much-needed R&R. And who knows? Maybe they’ll save the real honeymoon for next year, like Capri & The Amalfi Coast. In the meantime, they’ll soak up all the love and well-wishes on social media and FINALLY savor some quiet moments as newlyweds.

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